Are you involved in a business that stores refrigerated food for later consumption by your customers or people in your care?

Cafes, Delis, Hotels, Hospitals, Retirement Homes, School Tuckshops, Childcare Centres all have the same problem caused by electricity blackouts – what food is safe to retain and what needs to be thrown out?

How can you make that decision if you have no way of knowing the duration of the blackout?  What evidence do you have to support your decision in the event of a future legal claim or prosecution?

It is an unfortunate reality that increasingly more blackouts in many areas exceed the 4 hour mark that Health Authorities warn is the safety limit for food being without refrigeration.

There is a solution to your problem – NoPowerTXT!

The easily installed NoPowerTXT system requires an investment of $369 – much less than the cost of throwing out food each time there is an electricity blackout, and certainly less than the potential costs to your business of supplying food that adversely affects the health of your customers or people in your care.