NoPowerTXT Power Monitoring System

Due to supply problems, sales of NoPowerTXT have been suspended until mid-April, 2020.


The NoPowerTXT Purchase Package includes:

  • 5″ NoPowerTXT handset
  • NoPowerTXT sim card *
  • NoPowerTXT application & sim card installed
  • Handset setup
  • 12 months text messaging subscription, valued at $139**

  • 5 x “How to” video instructions within the handset
  • Comprehensive instruction manual
  • Express Post delivery
The price includes GST and delivery.

Out of stock

The complete system is only $399.00 (incl GST) includes postage and the 12-months subscription texting service. The annual subscription service costs $139 (incl GST) and provides up to 500 outgoing text messages per annum plus access to software upgrades and technical support.

Monitor the power anywhere in three easy steps:

  1. Purchase the complete NoPowerTXT system including the handset and NoPowerTXT 12-month pre-paid SIM card
  2. Set up NoPowerTXT according to the comprehensive instructions in the package
  3. Plug the handset into a power outlet and relax

Terms and Conditions

*  The SIM card is provided by NoPowerTXT or its agent for the sole use of delivering the NoPowerTXT texting service. It is locked such that the phone will not make phone calls or provide internet connectivity. **  NoPowerTXT is provided with a 12-month subscription service (unless otherwise notified in writing), which is renewable on an annual basis.  The subscription commences from the date of first activation.  NoPowerTXT will email you an invoice approximately 14 days prior to the expiry of your current service.  If you fail to pay this invoice within 30 days, the NoPowerTXT service will cease however the phone remains your property.  Subscription includes up to 500 outgoing text messages per annum.  Higher volumes are available subject to negotiation with NoPowerTXT.


  • Faulty handsets will be replaced at no charge for up to two years from the date of activation
  • After two years, the cost of a replacement handset is $145
  • Batteries will be replaced at no charge, for as long as the battery type is available. Once the battery type is no longer available a replacement handset will cost $145.

NoPowerTXT as a complete system is currently only available in Australia

Overseas interest?:  NoPowerTXT will work in most countries.  If you are outside of Australia and interested in purchasing NoPowerTXT please contact us to discuss the options.