Look at the benefits

There are many benefits of this flexible system

No nasty surprises

You won’t arrive at your boat, holiday home, aquarium or medical practice to find the horrible results of a power cut!

Easy to program

Change the settings quickly and easily from the screen of your NoPowerTXT handset.


Inbuilt timers mean that NoPowerTXT will not send a text message if the power goes off and on momentarily.

Audio only mode

Provides an audio alert but will not send text messages. Ideal for electricians or for boaties when underway. It will however text you if left in this mode for longer than a user defined period.

Remote switching

Simply text the words “On”, “Audio” or “Off” to the NoPowerTXT handset to change the mode. Alternatively text “Status” to the NoPowerTXT handset to check anytime.

Follow up reminder

NoPowerTXT will keep on reminding you if the power is still off after a user defined period.

Status update

Great for peace of mind if you’re away for extended periods. NoPowerTXT will text you a regular message advising that it is on and power is connected.

Notifications changing

NoPowerTXT has the ability to modify your “persons to notify” list remotely.  This is very handy if you wish to change the details without having to travel to your NoPowerTXT handset.

Event logging

NoPowerTXT maintains a time stamped record of all significant events.  These include: Power disconnected/connected, Mode changes, Text messages sent, Remote changes to notification properties.