Here’s what others are saying about NoPowerTXT.

On two occasions since my boat has had the NoPowerTXT system on it the power has  been disconnected. Both times I have been alerted and because of that have been able to get the power  reconnected before any loss of food in the onboard freezers or battery damage has occurred. I can and have recommended this system to many of my friends. The peace of mind it brings is well worth every cent.

Rod Rebbeck, Riviera 53 Enclosed Flybridge owner

A friend of mine had an unfortunate experience following a loss of 240 volt power to his boat.  This caused a refrigerator of food to go off and the clean up was unpleasant to say the least.  I went looking for a solution as I too was vulnerable being a boatie with a vessel in a marina. There were a few expensive solutions to the problem available but I stumbled across NoPowerTXT and I have to say it is fantastic.  It is really an inexpensive solution to power monitoring with some useful owner selectable functions.  It is easy to install and gives me peace of mind knowing that if power is lost to my boat I can have it restored very quickly. Well done to the team at NoPowerTXT, I recommend it to anyone who has a power critical situation that needs monitoring.
David Chell, Kingfisher 50 Enclosed Flybridge owner

The NoPowerTXT system has provided a reliable and cost effective option for our luxury yacht clients to monitor their boat’s power supply condition, at all times, with consummate ease.  It’s simple to use functions allow for a quick response to loss of shore power, and also allows for redirection of the power loss notification to a nominated phone, should the owner be unavailable.  An inexpensive product, that can turn out to be one of the most valuable items on your boat.
Paul Harrop, Dealer Principal RMarine SA

I just wanted to let you know how great NoPowerTXT is. I was recently interstate when I received a “power disconnected” text from my boat, which is a Riviera 40 footer. I was able to call a friend to drop in and reset the circuit breaker which had tripped due to a short on another boat. The last time that happened to me it ran all my batteries flat (which required replacing) and I lost all of our frozen food (what a mess)! Good work!

Paul Gray - Riviera 40' owner

For a number of reasons marina operators cannot guarantee continuous power supply to a boat. Sometimes power is innocently turned off by a neighbouring boat owner, an RCD is tripped or there could be a supply problem to a section of the marina that could go undetected for a period of time. The end result can be expensive and unpleasant for the boat owner. The NoPowerTXT system pro-actively and inexpensively addresses the potential problem and results of power outage to vessels and gives boat owners peace of mind while they are away from their pride and joy.
Craig Evans, Executive Officer, Cruising Yacht Club of SA