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Weekly Status Updates from your NoPowerTXT device are very important

This is a copy of the email sent to all owners on 27 January, 2021

Setting up a weekly Status update

Background: The NoPowerTXT unit is an electronic device which, like all electronic devices, can fail over time. If it fails then your power source is not being monitored, and a power failure will not be reported (via SMS). 

Your device can send you a weekly “Status Update” SMS which indicates that it is working.

To set this feature, go to the NoPowerTXT Settings.

From there, select Status Update Notification and follow the prompts The recommended period is every 7 days, on a weekday, when you are more likely to be away from the boat.

Then, every Monday (for example) you will receive this message:

Status Update from <Your Boat>.
Power is connected.
System is working


If you don’t receive the Status SMS on the designated day then possibly your device has failed and you should attend to it.

To test your NoPowerTXT device at any time, SMS the word “Status” to it and you should get a response (as above).

If you don’t get a response, then please attend to the device as quickly as possible, and contact me for assistance with repairing or replacing it. If your device was sold through a marine store or boat maintainer, then they may be able to assist you with this. (Such support is not automatically included with the purchase, but many clients have a separate contract with the store/maintainer ).

Terms and Conditions for warranty and replacement are available on our web site. In summary: There is a warranty period of 12 months for free replacement. Replacement batteries are, unfortunately, expensive to the business and some of the cost must be passed on. The NoPowerTXT device and app have had a significant upgrade, and replacement units are available for $250, with is a very good price for the new unit.

More Information


The instruction manual, recommended settings, and more supporting information is available here on our web site.

As always, I am available for email and phone support.

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