1. In some states the power company operates a text or email system intended to advise their customers, who register with them, of electricity blackouts.

For some circumstances, which vary between states, this system may be adequate advice of a major and sustained blackout , but there are significant gaps in the advice provided.

The biggest problem is that the power company’s system is completely unaware of power outages caused by your safety switch tripping due to a faulty appliance or moisture encroaching on an electrical circuit. If the circuit to your freezer or refrigerator, or your aquarium, is not functioning, the power company will never know.

Similarly, if your electrical supply is interrupted by a failure of equipment, either affecting just your premises, or a small number of nearby consumers, experience suggests the power company’s system will not advise you of the problem.

The other problem concerns home-owners who are away, interstate or overseas, and the mobile number registered with the power company is not contactable. The power company does not have the function, available with NoPowerTXT, of advising multiple mobile numbers and allowing you to instantly and easily update the list of mobiles to be advised.

The other power consumers who are not protected at all by the power company’s system, are the many consumers who do not have a direct account with the power company – for example people on shared meters, and businesses who are tenants of commercial landlords who hold the account.