About Us

Ian and Kathryn Sargent

Married for over 30 years and working together for even longer, Ian & Kathryn are proof that marriage and entrepreneurship can work simultaneously. Whilst they have built and sold a few businesses over the years, by far their most successful business began in the early 1980’s with coin-operated entertainment such as Space Invaders etc.  The business evolved into the establishment of a professional kiddie ride company appropriately named Ride On! Entertainment.  It became the first, and still the only, national kiddie ride operating company in Australia.  From there the business expanded into New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany and throughout the United Kingdom.  At the time of its sale to private equity in 2008, the business was operating over 3,000 rides in 6 countries. Following the sale of this business, they decided it was a little too early for retirement, so were considering their options.  Following two incidences of the power tripping on their boat moored in a marina, Ian went looking for a system that would alert him to such an event.  There were systems available but they were expensive and required an electrician to connect.  Understanding a little about cell phone technology, Ian believed there may be a cost effective solution that would provide flexible features with an easy to use graphical interface.  Installation was no more complicated than entering the user-defined settings and plugging it into a power outlet.  Hence NoPowerTXT was born. Over three years in development and fine tuning, NoPowerTXT has evolved into a system that is used by numerous boat owners plus other applications such as monitoring home fridges when the owners are away, vaccine fridges, holiday home fridges, aquariums etc. Ian & Kathryn are passionate about this service as it provides a valuable service to many people and an interesting and enjoyable working environment.

Graeme Smith

In Graeme Smith’s other business activity as MD of 1 Call Holiday Arrangements ( www.1-Call.com.au), he ensures his Clients have total peace of mind when they are away from home on holiday or business travel. A major concern for his 1Call Clients is electricity blackouts – not wanting to come home to a freezer full of spoiled food, or dead fish in the aquarium, because of a prolonged power outage, or because something tripped the safety switch on a vital circuit. To solve this problem with 24/7 power monitoring, in place of dropping in and checking his Clients’ homes every couple of days, Graeme discovered NoPowerTXT. Having ensured NoPowerTXT effectively performs its power monitoring task in his own home, Graeme now recommends NoPowerTXT to all his Clients and is actively involved in a Sales and Marketing role with us to get the message out to all Australians, in residential, commercial and marine environments, of the peace of mind that comes with the installation of NoPowerTXT.