Resellers Wanted

Become A NoPowerTXT Reseller

NoPowerTXT will run on any Android phone at any voltage. At this stage it is in English but can be modified to display other languages. NoPowerTXT are seeking resellers worldwide to provide this valuable service in their respective areas. Resellers will receive easy to follow installation instructional documentation plus remote support via email, phone, Viber or Skype… your task is simply to purchase and install NoPowerTXT on a phone, then sell it to your customer.

Resellers will be supplied with a master copy of the NoPowerTXT phone app, then purchase activation codes for sale to their client (NoPowerTXT will not run without a valid activation code). As a reseller, you set the price relevant for your market and the time and effort required to process a sale. Additional revenue is generated by providing the ongoing subscription service.  

Note, this is subject to your local telephone company being able to supply you local text only sims in your name.  We may be able to assist you negotiate this facility with them.


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