Monitoring that your NoPowerTXT system is working

  1.  Set your Status Update notification to 7-days and choose whatever day you wish to receive the message.  This will send you a message at midday on that day every week.
  2.  Set a calendar reminder on your everyday phone to remind you that you should have received a message from your NoPowerTXT system at say 1pm on the same day, every week.

This way, if for some reason you don’t receive a Status Update message from your NoPowerTXT system you will be alerted to the fact there may be a problem.  Whilst we’ve found NoPowerTXT to be very reliable, we have, on the very rare occasion, found the handsets can lock up and stop sending messages.  If you experience this, please turn your handset completely off for a few moments, then turn it back on again.  This should reset the handset.


For Boaties – Minimising Your Number Of Text Messages

  1.  Set your Power Disconnected delay to 30 minutes.  This will stop unnecessary messages being sent if your power goes and off then back on again within that timeframe.  Obviously, if it’s been off for more than a half an hour, it’s probably time you knew about it.
  2.  Set your Power Connected delay to 2 minutes.  This will give you time to cancel the message if you’re the one reconnecting the power.  It also ensures that you are notified quickly if a third party has restored your power.
  3.  Only send alert messages to one person.  It really causes more confusion sending alert messages to two people anyway, as you then need to decide who is going to deal with the outage.  The person to be notified can easily be changed either at the handset or remotely.  Please refer your handbook for instructions on how to do this.
  4.  When your boat is having work done that affects the power supply, turn NoPowerTXT off from within the software, not the phone itself.  You can always check the power status by texting the word “status” to your NoPowerTXT unit from your everyday handset.  It will respond with the current power status.  If you forget to do this before your boat is serviced and you start to get messages, simply text “off” to your NoPowerTXT and it will turn the system off until you’re ready to turn it on again.
  5.  When you go out for the day, turn NoPowerTXT to AUDIO mode so it won’t send messages whenever you are turning on or off your generator.  If you have the reminder set to, say, four hours, it will remind you if you’ve left it in that mode four hours after the last movement of power, which is usually when you have reconnected to shore power.  You can then turn it on remotely by texting “on” to the unit.  If you usually go for longer than four hours without using the genset, extend the time to say six hours or whatever suits your pattern.

Avoiding excessive messages

If you are receiving an unusual amount of messages and are aware of the reason, turn your NoPowerTXT off remotely by texting OFF to your NoPowerTXT handset.  Once the problem is resolved, simply turn it back on again by texting ON to your NoPowerTXT handset.